Finally, the formatting is complete for the second book in the Dark Heart Trilogy, “Dark Heart Curse.”  The book was sent to Amazon and hopefully it should be available on Amazon by Monday, but if I am lucky, maybe it will be available over the weekend.

Formatting for Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Apple should be done by Monday and with luck these distributors will have it available by the end of the week.

Trust me, I’ll let everyone know.

This second book in my trilogy is much darker than the first book, but it is still a book about love.  It looks at the lengths the heart will go to in the name of love and in this supernatural world the lengths can be extreme.

It is a dark, romantic, supernatural thrill ride and I can hardly wait for you to read it.

Also my free book “Shadows on the Highway” continues to do well.  It has some great reviews and feel free to add yours.

My first book in the trilogy, “Dark Heart Coven” hasn’t had any reviews yet, but I keep hoping someone will say something nice about the book.





Choose Yourself

Dark Heart Curse is a week late.  The formatting is off and hopefully that will be done by this weekend.  My apologies, I am very sorry it is late.

In the meantime, if you  are looking for something to read that gives an interesting and realistic look at what is happening to jobs in this country, I recommend “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher.

Now I’ve mentioned him before, I like smart people and I like hearing their opinions –  and in some ways he is a very smart and brilliant guy in other ways he is just a guy – this makes him a real person.

His observations on the job market are very much on target and can scare you.  But his observations on the opportunities available can be uplifting and motivating.

He does go off on some rants (sometimes I do as well) which makes his writing very human and him a very real person.  In some ways it’s a book for everyone who wants more out of life and/or is in a job, or in the job market.  In other ways it is a book for everyone in business.  t is a book for the new world that we find ourselves in due to the internet and technology.

I hope you enjoy reading his book and hopefully my formatting issues will be done and “Dark Heart Curse” will be out soon.





Congratulations to GC from Camarillo, the winner of our Dark Heart Sweepstakes.

The Dark Heart Sweepstakes was a random drawing, but it got me thinking about luck. Is there such a thing? Can you get more of it? Does luck equal success? Check out the link below – see what 26 year old Hannah Davis, who is the head of a two billion dollar company, has to say about luck.

So what is your feeling on luck? Do you believe in it? Do you believe there is more to it than chance?  Leave me a comment or drop me an email.