The Dark Heart Sweepstakes is over.  Thank you all for participating.  The winner will be announced on the next post and since I value privacy, it may be just initials and the city that the winner lives in.

My very scientific method for choosing the winner:  everyone on the mailing list is given a number based on the order in which they signed up for the mailing list.  These numbers are printed, put in a bowl and a number is drawn at random.  Primitive, but it gets the job done, no random computer algorithm for this contest.

Thank you all for downloading my books.  “Shadows on the Highway” received over 1,700 downloads, hit number one in three of Amazon’s categories and had two five star reviews.  “Dark Heart Coven” also hit number one in one category on Amazon – no reviews on that yet, but I am still waiting.  Please feel free to add your reviews to the books.

The second book in the Dark Heart Series is coming out this month.  I am working with and learning the microphone for an audio series I’d like to do for you  – this is a total creativity experiment.  Last of all, I am getting ready for more marketing of my books.

My plate is full but, I’m managing my time and exploring my creative potential – in all things.  I hope you are exploring your creative potential- just do something everyday.