Next Sunday will be the last episode of True Blood, the HBO series based on Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Novels.  TV shows come and go but for those that stay around for awhile, those that make an impact on us, the final episode is both a media event and a private one.

Magazine covers splash cast photos, discussions shows are broadcast before or after the episode and sometimes fans gather to view the final episode together (think Breaking Bad at the Hollywood Cemetery).  In our homes, we watch, we talk about past episodes, we laugh at the funny moments and we hope for a good ending, one that is full, satisfying and complete.    In our hearts, we know it is television, we know the characters are not real, but the impact they made on us is real  – they made us laugh, cry, care and tune in – and  that is why we will miss them.  A well told story, with well crafted characters that make us care –  is the essence of good writing.

Those who leave us are never truly gone, they live on in our hearts and, in this case, reruns.  So good bye Sookie Stackhouse, Vampire Bill, Jason, Eric and Pam, you will live on in our hearts and in time maybe you will be picked up by another network so we can enjoy it all again.

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