Like most people, I don’t like job interviews or zombies.  But I like helping my friends, and when one of them lost her job and asked for some help, I did some research.

The web is full of helpful tips on resume writing and job interview techniques.  Some people will gloss over these tips, thinking they’ve heard them before or it is common sense.  So in an effort to make it stick, I put my own spin on it with the help of one of my favorite shows, “The Walking Dead.”

Below are Five Job Interview tips I hope help you.

1. Do Research –Rick always tries to scout things out ahead of time, this keeps him and his people from walking into a bad situation or a herd of zombies. Learn as much about the company as possible.  You want to know if they are compatible with you just as much as they want to know if you are compatible with them, e.g. if they sell bombs and you hate weapons, it may not be the best place for you to work.  The more you know about the firm the more you’ll be able to sell yourself to them and explain why you are the perfect fit for their needs.

2.  Dress appropriately – There is a time and place to wear zombie guts, knowing when to wear them is crucial and those that are still alive on the show know this. Conservative industries (like banking) have a different dress code than creative companies (like advertising agencies), know the type of company you are interviewing with and dress appropriately.

3.  Be Prepared – When Rick and his people go out, they always bring what they need and then some – guns, ammo, swords, etc. Bring extra copies of your resume, references, etc.

4.  Practice – Morgan and Michonne always practice with their weapons. They use them with ease, and fortunately or unfortunately, slaying zombies has become natural for them.  Interviewing is the same way; you need to be able to answer the questions, honestly and with ease.  Your answers need to sound natural and genuine, not rehearsed.

5.  Follow up – Rick and his people check up on each other, they make sure they are all on the same page and working toward the same goal. Send a thank you note or email to the people that interviewed you.  Thank them and let them know that you can help them achieve their goals when you become part of their organization.

I hope these tips help you or entertain you.


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